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Student Legal Services

Advice And

SLS is committed to protecting the legal rights and interests of the student body.

SLS is available to educate students about their legal rights, responsibilities, and obligations. We provide services to all students with legal issues including, but not limited to, the following areas of law: leases, contracts, landlord/tenant issues, consumer issues, notary services, insurance matters, wills and powers of attorney, debt collection, expungement of criminal records, employment grievances, family law and domestic matters, and general civil matters.

“The office of student legal services was immensely helpful to me and my issue. They were respectful, prompt, and thoroughly attentive to my issues. They worked with me through the whole process, and helped me feel like I had control and power to fix the issues that were troubling me. The legal services office, in my opinion, is a prime example of how the university provides helpful services and information to students outside of a classroom setting. I would definitely consult them if i have any further issues in the future.” - WVU Student

Our Mission

The mission of Student Legal Services at West Virginia University is to provide counseling, advice, education, and representation to students to assist them to resolve legal issues and to foster and support students’ learning development. SLS is committed to protecting the legal rights and interests of the student body by providing high quality legal and mediation services at no cost to both undergraduate and graduate students, individually and collectively, as well as student government and student organizations.

Who is eligible for the services provided? What is the cost?

Students who are currently enrolled at WVU and have paid their student activity fee are eligible to use WVU Student Legal Services (SLS). No additional fees are charged for any of the legal services provided. The students will, however, be responsible for paying service of process fees and court filing fees if their case is pursued in court.

All eligible persons have equal access to WVU Student Legal Services without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, gender, age, marital status, disability, public assistance status, veteran status or sexual orientation. Any individual needing special accommodations should contact our office at 304-293-4897.

How does a student use this service?

Students should contact our office at 304-293-4897, or email us at, to make an appointment for consultation. After determining your eligibility, we will make an appointment for you with a lawyer or law clerk at the earliest possible time. Legal advice will not be given over the phone.

Once the appointment is made, the student should prepare a brief summary of the issues that they wish to discuss with the attorney or the law clerks. The summary should be delivered to the SLS office at least one day prior to the scheduled appointment. Students may choose to email, fax or hand deliver their summaries.

What are the limitations of the service?

WVU Student Legal Services (SLS) assists students with issues including landlord/tenant matters, consumer problems, family law matters, insurance claims, contracts, wills, powers of attorney and debt collection defense. The decision to represent a student on any given matter is wholly within the discretion of the attorney.

SLS may provide limited services in certain matters. These include, but are not limited to, limiting services to referrals in matters that may unduly monopolize program resources to the disadvantage of other eligible students and limiting services to student organizations to educational presentations only.  SLS cannot represent a student in matter involving other students or the university.  These cases can be referred to mediation through our office.  

SLS is committed to providing the students at West Virginia University with the best legal services possible. To ensure that we are providing the best services, we ask our clients to fill out a client satisfaction survey once their case has been closed. This survey allows us insight into our clients’ needs and overall approval of the services we have provided.

SLS reserves the right to limit its caseload as necessary to maintain a high quality of service.

What information should I bring to my appointment?

Students are encouraged to bring all relevant documentation relating to the issues that they wish to discuss with the attorney or the law clerks.

If you are experiencing a dispute with your landlord, it is very important to bring a copy of the lease that you signed. In addition, you should bring all correspondences or notices from the landlord.

Is the information shared with SLS confidential?

Yes. Each student who seeks our advice or representation enters into a formal attorney-client relationship. One of the hallmarks of the attorney-client relationship is the concept of the attorney-client privilege. The privilege deals directly with the obligation of confidentiality that a lawyer and their staff has with respect to information relating to a specific client.

I need something notarized, can you help?

Yes. We are a notary service. Contact our office at 304-293-4897, or email us at, to make an appointment.

Does SLS speak to various groups at WVU?

If you would like someone from this office to do an educational presentation, please contact Gail Lipscomb at